Bookings and Schedules

  • Floor Loom Online Booking (Google sheet format)
  • The above link contain the latest online information about the current/requested use of the floor looms at the guild hall. There is also a binder (Equipment Binder, Tab 8) at the guild that contains the same information.
    • You can download the appropriate floor loom spreadsheet and submit an update to the binder at the guild, or email Kathy Lakatos( to relay the update details.
    • Alternatively, use the form below to book a floor loom or to ask for booking assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Loom Booking

Who is the key person responsible for updating the floor loom booking documents? Answer: Kathy Lakatos

Which version (printed in binder at the guild or the online spreadsheet is the most current?

What happens in the case of conflicting floor loom bookings?

I don’t know how to update a spreadsheet, what should I do to book a floor loom?

I have updated a printed copy of the spreadsheet that I have downloaded. What should I do?

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